Issue: JULY 2015
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Experts on international relations say that more than the military might, the status and destiny of a nation are often shaped by its success on the dipl...
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The lead article by Achal Malhotra discusses the foreign policy of the Indian government towards its neighbours. The article conveys that south asia as a region is complex, with the countries in the region having common legacies and historical links. India, being the largest in size and population...

  India-China Relationship: Transforming Ties
Manish Chand
  It’s a transformational moment in the history of India-China relations, marked by an infusion of fresh energy, dynamism and creativity in the way the ...
  Indo-US Partnerships: Evolving Ties
  The second lead article by K.C. Singh puts Indo- US relations in perspective, as a continuous attempt to create convergence among the two largest demo...
  Diplomacy for Economic Development
  This article by Ram Upendra Das explains that India's global economic engagements have touched new heights specially on the economic front, thanks to ...
  Defence as Driver of Foreign Policy
  This article by Alok Bansal states that defence cooperation is high on the agenda of the present government. The article gives details of the various...
  Good Governance: Style and Substance/ Road Maps for Development
  The article ' Good Governance: Style and Substance by A. Surya Prakash describes the changes in governance introduced by the new government and its a...
Panidihing–A Paradise of Birds North east diary
Mouchumi Gogoi

Biodiversity pro v ides material and nonmaterial wealth in the form of food, fiber, medicine, happiness, peace, and so on for human communities. Loss of biodiversity means jeopardize of prospect and progress of human society. Assam is a part of global biodiversity hotspots, rich with innumerable biotic diversity. Panidihing (270 4.5/ N to 270 10/ N latitudes and 940 25/ E to 940 40/ E longitudes) - a unique and important bird area is a Protected Area (PA) situated in Sibsagar district of Assam. The Bird Sanctuary (BS) was constituted with a total area of 33.93 sq. km. The location of the sanctuary is 19 km northeast of the Sibsagar town. The National Highway-37 is running just 9km south of Panidihing. And the nearest airport Rowriah (Jorhat) is about 75 km towards east. It is surrounded east, north and south by peopled villages. The Brahmaputra River flows in the north-western side of the PA. On the other hand river Dishang flows in the southern part of the PA. Panidihing Bird Sanctuary established on 10th August, 1999 by a State Government Notification. The sanctuary is well known for many bird species which are very endangered and enlisted in the threatened species list. It is important to note that this bird sanctuary has also been revealing ecological and geotourism value. But it is observed that this biologically rich sanctuary has lost its earlier status of ecological and geotourism significance in recent years due to misuse and unwise use of its biodiversity.

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