Issue: April 2019
  Women, Hunar and Looms of Hope
  The special article is written by social and women's rights activist, educationist, writer and a former member of the Planning Commission Ms Sayeda Hameed
  Sustaining Artisans Economically by Ms Hena Naqvi,
  She opined that our country is gifted with a rich range of beautiful handicrafts. Almost every state of the country has its unique handicrafts
  Perfecting Craftsmanship through Skilling by Shri Gaurav Kapoor,
  It is written by Shri Gaurav Kapoor, Senior Head, Advocacy & Communication, National Skill Development Corporation
Handicrafts & Textiles – The Pride of India


Every region in India has its unique handicraft tradition, mostly using locally available material. Being a labour intensive sector, it supplies employment to lakhs of artisans all over the country. While for many artisans and workers, making handicrafts is a full-time livelihood, it also serves as an alternate source of income for the agricultural workers, who keep themselves employed in this sector during le...


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Magic of Gifted Hands: Empowering Handicraft Artisans by Shri Shantmanu "

Development Commissioner, Ministy of Textiles. The author has said that the handicrafts sector plays a significant and important role in the country’s economy. It provides ...


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