Issue: APRIL 2016
  Inclusive Growth and Peace: Levers to Opening up Regional Economy by Sanjoy Hazarika
  The lead article discusses the 'Act East' policy of the government. He says that the development of the North East region is a challenge because the
  Education & Employment in North-East: The Way Forward by Natalie West Kharkongor
  The second lead article discusses the situation of education and employment opportunities for youth in the region. She calls for a paradigm
  North East: Development through the Lens of Health and Gender by Aruna Bhattacharya Chakravarty
  This article talks of the health problems faced by youth in the North East, especially with reference to drugs. Its proximity to the 'Golden Triangle', she says,
  Tribal Development in North East India by N.C. Saxena
  Though tribals constitute only 12 per cent of the population in the eight North East States, they are a majority in some states,
  Sustainability and Prosperity through Eco-Friendly Harvest by Nirender Dev
  This article is the focus article of the issue as it deals with agricultural practices of the north eastern region, which are different with those in the rest of the country.
North East:On the Development Horizon  

They are fondly called the 'Seven Sisters' - a sobriquet bestowed on them to indicate their cultural and regional cohesiveness. The seven states of the North East - Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, with Sikkim added recently, form the north east frontier of our country - both metaphorically and geographically. As such, they constitute a very crucial factor both from the p...


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 Health Sector in India: Perspective and Way Forward

The lead article by T. Sundararaman has dealt extensively and comprehensively with health policies over the years, analysing their pros and cons. The draft Health Policy has been analyzed in the background of earlier initiatives. The issues facing the policy makers in today's context of health has been discussed in detail and solutions offered, specially towards integrating the private players into the national public health care system. The article calls for engaging the private sector in health care, but with stewardship and regulatory mechanisms. ...


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