Issue: NOVEMBER 2015
  Infrastructure: Key for Development of the North East by Anand Kumar
  This is the focus article and talks about the unexplored potential of the North East which can tapped through development in the transport sector....
  Travelling to the Future with Green Transport by Krishna Dev
  This is the special article and details the need for encouraging green transport methods like walking and cycling to mitigate the effects polllution c...
  Smart Ports for Sagarmala by Vishwapati Trivedi
  The article gives details of the Sagarmala project of the government of India to create ' smart ports' in the country....
  Managing Urban Transport Needs by Kanika Kalra
  The second lead article describes the various modes of transport available for the urban population and the problems faced in the transport sector due...
  Preserving our Heritage: Protecting and Promoting Handlooms
  The special article explains how handlooms are an important heritage which should necessarily be preserved and promoted. The article states that handl...
Transport : Lifeline For Development  

The history of humankind is replete with instances of migration - Africa to Asia & Europe; Central Asia to India (the 'Aryan invasion'); across the freezing Atlantic from North America to Alaska & the ARctic regions or visa versa. All this entailed transport of men & material. So, means of transport were always an important factor in human evolution - whether it be on foot, bullock carts, horses, donkeys, yaks, cam...


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 Transport Infrastructure: Way Forward by G. Raghuram

The lead article by G. Raghuram analyses the role of different modes of transport like road transport, railways, aviation etc in the development of the nation. The article talks about the lack of scientific data collection in the area of transport infrastructure. It stresses that customer orientation and capacity enhancement are the need of the hour in the Railways sector. In the road transport sector it categorically states that a lot needs to be done in the areas of laning, increasing rural connectivity through more rural roads and more attention to road safety aspects. It calls for increasing the share of coastal transport in transport infrastructure given India's long coastline as also using the inland waterways more effectively for commercial and passenger traffic. It calls for better airports, more stress on aviation safety and better handling of transit passengers in international airports. It also stresses the need for good regulatory framework in the sector of transport ...


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