Issue: April 2019
  Women, Hunar and Looms of Hope
  The special article is written by social and women's rights activist, educationist, writer and a former member of the Planning Commission Ms Sayeda Hameed
  Sustaining Artisans Economically by Ms Hena Naqvi,
  She opined that our country is gifted with a rich range of beautiful handicrafts. Almost every state of the country has its unique handicrafts
  Perfecting Craftsmanship through Skilling by Shri Gaurav Kapoor,
  It is written by Shri Gaurav Kapoor, Senior Head, Advocacy & Communication, National Skill Development Corporation
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It is all too easy to dismiss the series of scams and allegations that have surfaced around sports events as inevitable. It is not that simple an equation. For a society where the overwhelming majority was under fed and toiled hard, sports was a rare and often utopian option. As the picture of the Indian society has started to change for the better in the past two decades, that utopian look about sports has begun to be shed for an absorbing reality.

More swathes of middle India are now able to enjoy sports and recreation. Weekends have become longer and a young population is demanding ways to fill up those weekends with options beyond roaming the markets or malls. The huge spurt in attendance at international sports events are an indication of this shift. Of late participation in events like marathons have leaped among all age groups. The interest level even for televised events like the world cup soccer and the English Premier League has risen fantastically. This was inevitable as income avenues rose for a large segment of the urban population. Since India now has an almost 400 million strong urban population, that is a huge presence to cater to. The Indian Premier League in cricket cashed in on this interest and is raring to go again. Meanwhile cities, especially, are discovering sports icons beyond just cricket. The popularity of Chak De India and other sports based films shows the Indian film industry has also woken up to the opportunity.

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Forensic auditing refers to the auditing with the main aim to employ accounting techniques and methods to gather evidence to investigate the crimes on financial front such as theft, fraud etc.
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