Issue: December 2018
  Towards A Digital Future
  Towards A Digital Future is by Shri R Chandrashekhar, former President of NASSCOM. This is also the focus article of the issue
  Regulating the Digital Revolution in India. Written by Shri RS Sharma, Chairman
  Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the article has explained
  Aadhaar: The Digital Highway to New India
  The Digital Highway to New India is written by Shri Ajay Bhushan Pandey, who at the time of publishing the issue of Yojana
Lead Article


Reshaping Development

History has been witness to many social and economic revolutions. Beginning with agricultural, going on to industrial and then the technological, these revolutions have changed the face of humanity. And now, the digital revolution is redefining the pace of progress opening countless avenues to transform society, culture and lifestyles. Digitisation as a phenomenon made its onset long ago. But the pace was so gradual and the changes involved so subtle, that it went almost unnoticed. Early digital initiatives were mainly to preserve records, create in-house office management systems, processing of data, etc. It is over the last few years that the digital revolution has opened a whole new vista of opportunities reshaping the scope of development. From the Internet to artificial intelligence and robotics, emerging technologies have presented unprecedented opportunities for social and economic renovation. India, the fastest growing economy in the world, has undergone complete transformation with the rapid uptake of digital technologies. Smart and connected technology has become an integral part of businesses, governments and communities. It has had profound impact on the way people interact with each other, express their feelings, share ideas, manage their health and finances.
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Do you know? : What is Forensic Auditing
Forensic auditing refers to the auditing with the main aim to employ accounting techniques and methods to gather evidence to investigate the crimes on financial front such as theft, fraud etc.
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